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La Casa di Norma. Where Ecuador meet ItalyHour restaurant was founded in 1996. Born from the the determination of a couple composed by Norma and Licio. We could tell you that people like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ginger Rogers , Bette Davis e Marilyn (Monroe, of course) stopped by us. But we aren’t going to tell you that. We like to tell you instead that we served housewives from Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain, France, England, Japan, China, Korea, Arabia and more. And from the same countries Clerks, Employees, Workers, Bankers, Managers, Carpenters, Mechanics, Whitewashers, Artisans, Taxi drivers, Coachbuilders, Tobacconists, Farmer, Dancers, Painters, Actors, Poets, Musicians, Bricklayers, Doctors, Iron mongers, Optometrists, Designers, Sisters and Priests, Stylists and more of others. All and we tell you All, was treated like a King.

Restaurante La Casa di Norma 1609 S.E. Hwy 19 Crystal River - Sweetbay Plaza Tel. (352)795-4694