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Events! What events? All of kind. From the dish of the day, that is proposed from over seventeen years to the evening with italian music. From theme dinner with typical menu to evening of mimes and street artist who will serve at the table. La Casa di Norma is an effervescent world. It’s a way to interpreting life.A way to enjoy a part of life. A part that we believe it’s important, just can’t do without. Is There a better time to participate in our events? Here is our monthly events calendar. Don’t miss the occasion to get to know. Make your reservation, it’s simple for you and important for us, in order to give you the best you deserve. Call us, send us a fax, write to us, send us a carrier pigeon, a smoke signal. These are our contact details for your reservationTel. Fax : 352-795-4694 e -mail: info@lacasadinorma.comCarrier Pigeon: 28°53'0.00"N Smoke clouds: Depends of the wind direction 82°34'55.14"O

Restaurante La Casa di Norma 1609 S.E. Hwy 19 Crystal River - Sweetbay Plaza Tel. (352)795-4694